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Friday, December 24, 2021

Happy Holidays and New Year!

 Hi everyone,

Ellie's new glasses
As I write I can't help but wish health, safety, and happiness to all. It's been a hard time for many as the pandemic continues on and climate change wreaks global havoc. And yet we go on. We have been so lucky and privileged to have remained COVID free. Ellie continues to thrive. She has her own radio show now. She has named herself, "DJ Llama Donkey".  No idea where she got that, but there you go.  You can find her at the links below.   The extraordinary thing about her doing this show is that she'll focus for a couple of hours working with Dave to pick the songs, decide the order and shout outs and then create her own songs.  2 hours.  Is it the lion's mane we have been giving her or just more evidence of the brain's plasticity?  Either way, I'll take it. She's really proud of her work too. They are seeing the same thing at her school where she gets to be on Perkins Radio from time to time.  Parents are only has happy as their most unhappy child. In our case, Ellie's pretty happy.  Below are some pictures of her to share a bit of our year. Much love to all, Kathryn 

At the beach this summer in her hippocamp 
Ellie's 19th birthday party

Beautiful Warrior Princess

At her school, rocking the vocational program!

Twitter @djllamadonkey

Radio Station Link

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