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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Waiting, waiting as fast as I can

Sometimes you have to go slow, to go fast. This is the theme of my life at the moment. Do you hear the Gwen Stephanie Running Running as fast as I can track in the background - well change running to waiting and that is the song I can't get out of my head? Thirty plus years of growing, learning, working hard and generally excelling are all on hold. It’s as if someone upstairs hit the big PAUSE button on the remote running my world through the TIVO in the sky. This message is everywhere. Ok I get it! Enough already. I keep getting the message to slow down through passages of books I read and "random" stories my friends tell me. Sometimes you have to slow down in order to go forward. Ok, I get the concept. But, who, I ask you, WHO in their right mind wants to slow down? Not me, that much is true.

I was so depressed about living life in the slow lane that I had a craving for comfort food. I told Dave, when he came home last night, “I want to make Mac-N-Cheese.” He replied, “Today that bad?”

“You mean last night that ran over today crushing it with bleary eyed wakefulness? You mean with no naps for a very cranky Lady Muck, who hates her casts? Yes, it was that bad.” I replied getting up to start on dinner. Dave has clearly transcended his husband training status because at this he said nothing.

I started to pull out ingredients realizing I had forgotten how to make it. I called Mom to ask her how. And what had she just popped into the oven but the very same dish. For the record, you cook the noodles and cheese sauce beforehand to ensure all live enzymes and germs are dead and to allow the Trans-fats to properly rev up their carcinogenic properties. Then you bake this 1960’s delicacy topped with Ritz for another 50 minutes.

When my Mom told me she was making the same thing at first I thought it was one of those cool synergistic moments when you know you are on the same wavelength with someone else. It’s really fun when it happens with your husband or say, someone like, Stephen Hawking or Madonna. But when it happens with your mom, who as it turns out, is living in the parallel universe next to yours….

Oh Gods of TIVO, please take me off pause and switch the channel!