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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So Many Beautiful Things

I am happy to report that Ellie seems to be fully recovered from her last seizure. Mama and Dada are trying to catch up with her. We have oxygen in the house now just in case and a suction machine I don't yet know how to use - more phone calls. I have almost made it through the first list of calls though more have been added. It's never ending actually but such is life. We, of course, over this long weekend have been out and about. Among other places we took Ellie to the DeCordova Museum. I love this museum and sculpture park. It has decent wheelchair access and features contemporary art. Their annual exhibit is on now.

Ellie especially liked their pink pig. She also really enjoyed the sculptures inside the museum as well as the paintings. She, in fact, paid special attention to many, many of the paintings. I had to take her slowly through several. I write this with pride because it was one of those moments when I thought, she's definitely my daughter. We are easing back into life as normal - which means no sleep. Clifford is getting evicted from the bedroom as he is way, way too much fun at 3am. My garden is coming along and surprising me with tenacious growth despite somewhat poor soil. Ellie is blossoming too.

This picture is of Dave and Ellie playing "The Great Outdoors" game that emerged from the Signing Time Video. Dave brings Ellie on a fast ride around the house over imaginary forests, streams and mountains with song blasting. She loves this. It's a great work out for Dada. The last pic is of her at home, in the boppy (but only for 10 minutes - Mary Ann!) playing with some toys. Do ya think she has enough? Where would we be without V-tech?