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Friday, May 14, 2010

MVP! and March of Dimes Follow Up

On Mother's Day Ellie played T-Ball and she had such a great time, such a good attitude that she got the Most Valuable Player distinction, complete with signed ball from the coach! What a wonderful gift on Mother's Day. The pic is of Ellie up to bat. Last year her head control was such that she couldn't wear this helmet and keep her head up at the same time. Progress.

We didn't walk in the March of Dimes walk after all. We were waiting and hoping the thunder clouds would abate, but they didn't, and lightening and wheelchairs are not a good match. Liz and Marla represented Team Warrior Princess and walked in the pouring rain and thunder. Thanks to Liz and Marla and everyone who donated to the March of Dimes. We will do it again next year and hopefully the weather will be better so we can participate in the actual walk!