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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Home and Happy - well mostly

Ellie really sailed through this one. We are home. She is playing and bright eyed with one red cast and one purple cast. She wants to play and is keeping down her food.

She is my brave warrior princess. The operation went well and I can't believe the position her feet are in. Now we just have to get through the casting and the pain management when the block wears off.

Thanks to all for your well wishes!

Added this bit 5 hours after being home:

Ellie got this epidural block just before the surgery that helped her be more comfortable during the surgery.'s worn off and yikes she is in a good bit of pain. We did end up having to give her 1 cc of Valium for the spasms and Tylenol with codeine for the pain.

Poor little babe can not get comfortable. So it will be a long night staying ahead of her pain. The good news is the is still keeping her food down and at the moment is resting on Dada. Hopefully she will be able to rest. Any one with any tips on getting an active 4 year old to stay put with her feet up to keep the swelling down, please let me know. Because Ellie is not thrilled with this arrangement and her poor feet are really swollen. I knew it was too easy.