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Monday, February 09, 2009

Time for Toilet Training

I hate making equipment orders ever since a very junior PT in 2003 ordered a adaptive chair and a stander that were way too big for Ellie and having it take 6 months and lots of phone calls and waiting on hold to correct it, I am wary of making equipment orders. If you screw it up you are simply screwed. And it's Ellie who misses out. So I have been delaying ordering her a potty seat. And I know my delay has probably been as long as it would have taken to correct a bad order. Bad mama!

Ellie can't sit very well on her own so I need something that will hold her up while I help her clean up so she doesn't fall. I like the idea of a low to the ground stand alone seat because I remember sitting on the edge of the adult toilet as a 2 year old being petrified to fall off. Yes. I actually have many memories that far back. I also like the idea of her having her own separate seat from a germaphobe perspective.  Lastly, I like the low to the ground seat because she can practice sitting down on it and standing up from it. An Ellie size seat might feel more fun like a toy versus any thing that is threatening.

Any suggestions? What has worked for your child in this matter?

Any thoughts you want to share will be MUCH appreciated! I need to get off the fence and get this going. It's time. Ellie's ready and I have to get ready too. Easier said than done. Not sure why I am dreading this but I am.