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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrating Small Wins!

This Saturday we were planning to take Ellie out to lunch after ballet class. We would be out for several hours. Dave asked me as we were packing Ellie's nap sack, "Do you think we need to bring an extension?"

I had never been asked that before! Being asked that really made my day.
"Yes" I replied, "just in case."


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nothing Left to Bolus

In my last post, I worried that I was reporting too soon, commenting on an anomaly or a shooting star. I am happy to report that is not the case! Ellie is eating! It's official and I hope it stays that way. AND she hasn't had any migraines in 2 weeks. This is a big improvement after her getting them every couple of days. It makes me think we are right about those headaches being part of the withdrawal from Protonix and Depakote.

But back to eating.

She eats. She eats a lot and with enthusiasm. She has been eating so much I don't have anything left to bolus. Woot! And she has been eating more. Whenever Dave and I eat around her - which may not always sync up with her meal time, she will eat too. She eats pureed versions of what we are eating or some applesauce or something like that - kid food. The fact that she eats so much more and usually whenever it is offered makes me think she must have been terribly hungry over the past few years. Sigh. :(

Still, she is eating now and it's a wonderful thing to get to feed her and see her eating. It's very cute and there is something that is soul deep satisfying for me as her mother being able to feed her by mouth and having her eat. Also, I noticed that she has less reflux - no kidding, right?!

Video to follow.