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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My plan was to work on my literature review from the moment Dave and Ellie left for school until I have to pick Ellie up and then come home and work again because I have some help looking after Ellie after school.

Actual events of the day: Ellie wakes up, can't eat, pale, dark circles. Migraine, accompanied by vomit, pain, restless tossing and turning attempts to sleep. My role, administer love, care, meds, and relief. Relief also means holding onto the pressure points on her feet for long, long stretches to relieve the constant tremors in her legs and feet (pain/stress induced muscle spasms).

And so it goes. Am trying hard not to get too cynical about ever finishing my dissertation within the tiny window of reprieve that will only exist between today and May 11. ;-(