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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Ellie and Beautiful B.

There is a little girl who moved in a couple of houses down from us several months ago. Her name is B. She looks to be around 6 ish. She is shy and just stares at me whenever I say hello to her.

She loves Ellie.

Two days ago, Ellie was out for a walk. Whenever Ellie goes out, if the neighborhood kids are around they always come up to her. And when I say that I mean they come up really close to her and say hi and want to push or explore her Kid cart/wheelchair. They are alway so enthusiastic to see Ellie. I know they wonder where she is when she is not out and about. I think sometimes they worry about her but like kids do in that totally pure, nonjudgemental, your life is hard kind of way, but more so in relation to her place with them, whatever that is.

Ellie used to not really pay too much attention. But lately she stops doing whatever she was doing like reading signs or playing with her Raggedy Ann doll who always likes to go for walks too and she will look at the kids and sign hi. She is rivetted by them. This is such a nice indicator that she is maturing.

Two days ago B. asked Ellie what she would be for Halloween. Ellie didn't answer. Undeterred by this B. suggested that Ellie be a fairy princess. Then B's eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "No! You should be a Rainbow Fairy Princess because you are more beautiful than just a fairy princess!"