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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everyone Must Do Tummy Time

From left to right: Diplodocus Ellie, Froggie, Warrior Princess Ellie, Maisy, and Tigger. You can see Ellie using her "weemote". That is actually what it is called.

Black Arm Bands for Brent Martin

David, over at Chewing the Fat, has alerted his readers to this hideous case of violence against a man with an intellectual disability. You can read the detailed story of what happened here. Needless to say, this greatly saddens me. Ellie has an intellectual disability as well as physical ones. I know the world is not a safe place. But being silent about violence like this is as good as condoning it. I for one will be wearing a black arm band next week.

Acts of violence against the disabled are not ok. I protest. I am angry about this. I want to alert as many people as I can.

Disability Blog Carnival is UP: Disability in the Media

The carnival is up here and it ROCKS! The theme is Disability in the Media. Great theme. Really jam packed awesome carnival with many thought provoking posts. Thanks to Connie Kuusisto for organizing this. Excellent Carnival Connie!!!!

The next blog carnival will be here at Ryn Tales on January 24th. The Theme is "what professionals should know about disability". Submission deadline is January 20th.