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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A New Way to See

Finally, after much go around and come back again, I procured Ellie's first pair of glasses this weekend. They are purple and have stars on the edges and have a case shaped like a little plastic purple handbag with the word "princess" written on it in cursive little diamontes.

I put them on her and she scrunched up her nose. I am sure -that sensation of glasses on your nose for the first time ever is a bit strange. She kept scrunching her nose and the thing tickling it wouldn't come off.
At this point, as you can see here, she almost started to cry. But Dave and I, wanting to avoid this, piped up and said, "Ellie, you look so beautiful! These will help you see better!"

She thought about this for a minute and then, in classic warrior princess style, decided they weren't so bad.

Isn't that what it's like when you encounter something new and different? Even if that something is a fix to a problem or a disability. Once you understand that life is still life, that you are still loved and beautiful. It's not so bad. It's just a new way to see.