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Monday, May 12, 2008

Shameless Plug and Clarification of the NEXT Blog Carnival

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would write to tell you all little bit of what I would hope to hear about for the next disability blog carnival that is here at Ryn Tales. The topic is Spirituality and Disability.

Spirituality is a topic that touches disability in unique ways. I wanted to write about it and to hear what you had to say because there have been so many crazy takes on why all this happened to Ellie, to us, and what it all means I think hearing from the people who read this blog and those living what is seen as a disabled life could be really great on many levels. First to share and second to once again tirelessly clear up misconceptions about disability and it's place in religion and spirituality.

For example the worst thing I have come across in the pseudo religious and spiritual realm about why this happened to Ellie is that she is paying for somebody's sins. Nice huh?! That was just excellent when that was said to me. Another is that she is the reincarnation of another disabled person in the family history and on and on. I heartily disagree with both points of view and will be writing about that a little but also about the HUGE gains I have made as a person from being in this unique situation. I will also share some of the amazing experiences I had that are definitely in the spiritual realm before Ellie was born as well as from those first touch and go days.

Mostly I am wondering what your life lesson might be if you have a disability or are parenting someone who does. I agree that we are mostly all temporarily able bodied. I think it is the rare person who lives able bodied their entire life to gently dye in their sleep. So this carnival might be of some use to us all.

That said, unless your topic is way, way out in the stratosphere (like discussing the migration of earth worms) anything goes. So if you have already written a post, it will be very welcome!