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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Life goes on and sometimes you just have to hang on and let it take you. Here are some pics of our life. The person enjoying the ice cream is my friend Troy. We have been friends since art school. Believe it or not, but he is a master artist who sometimes finds inspiration via ice cream cones. We took Ellie to see his studio in New London the weekend before my knee was drilled into by an AWL wielding doctor.

Linda, one of our favorite people of all time, gave Ellie these beautiful butterfly/fairy wings. Ellie loves the part on her Signing Time video where the butterfly flys for the first time. Linda saw these and thought of Ellie. I think Ellie really liked them. She did not want to take them off for tummy time. It got me thinking too about dress up and how I don't have any costumes for her or even a tea set though she loves the I'm A Little Teacup Song and book. I think I must get her a tea set so we can have tea parties and maybe some feather boas and big hats and costume jewelery so we can play dress up. Where are my Victorian grandmother's 100 year old attic treasures when I need them?! Never the less this was Ellie's first time outside of Halloween playing dress up. Thanks Linda! You have opened up a whole new world of play for us!
Ellie is supporting Eire while cheering me up after surgery. I have to record the giggle that goes along with that cheeky grin!

Here she is taking her first step ever in a Rifkin walker at PT yesterday. Jessica is a great PT that we are going to outside of New School. Ellie took about 5 steps total and did a fair job at holding herself up though I think it was very difficult and scary. I am so proud of her to have taken steps just the same. Go Ellie!!!

Why I married him

He's looking down at me in all my raised knee, ice packed, pajamma glory and says thoughtfully, "You look hot."

"I do?"

"Your skin looks bright."


"Yes, you look cute bebe."

"Must be the fact that I get to sleep through the night for the next 6 weeks!"

Notes to self:
1. beauty rest is not a myth.
2. The Gods of Sleep Through the Night have not visited in 4 nights.