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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A person is a person no matter how small...

There have been some disturbing events recently that I have discovered via my Twitter account. The first involves "dwarf throwing". I am disgusted by this in general. It's amazing that there has been, to date, no prosecution. Even in the writing of this article about it you see the violent offender called a "prankster". Really? Someone who throws another HUMAN BEING (who is not bothering them in the slightest I might add) down on hard ground resulting in them being paralyzed is a "prankster"???? What is unbelievable about this and so disturbing are many things including the obvious a) that this takes place at all, but also b) the reporting of it is almost conspiratorial with the violent psychopathic act itself by naming the perpetrator as a "prankster". Just plain wrong on so many levels.

Secondly, this case made me very sad for Amelia, her family, for all people with physical differences in general, and our society. I hope Ellie doesn't need any organ transplants because apparently people with developmental delays are not worthy to be on the list, not worthy of doctors time to operate (even with a family donor) and just plain not worth saving. Shame on Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)! Things like this fuel my fear for Ellie's future when I am no longer breathing or for that matter even when I am. I hope this mother finds some medical help for her daughter elsewhere. Grrrrrr!

If you are interested in chiming in, in a proactive way, sign the petition. They are looking to get 100,000 signatures and were at 21,000 plus at the time of this post.

Picture Description: Ellie playing with new found Fijit friends. Santa was very good to her this year!