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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get Angry or Get Better?

Sometimes I chose the path of anger. That's right, chose. I don't buy it when people say, I couldn't help myself. You can always help yourself, even if it's just being able to control, monitor, or mitigate your inner state of consciousness. 

But sometimes it's hard. I find it hard at the end of Winter when Spring feels like it will never come and I am sleep deprived and overwhelmed by managing mine and Ellie's life. Three doctor's visits this week and a Baker's Cyst behind me knee are not helping...

I can also chose to learn from my anger and the difficult things that happen in life. I take that path just as much, probably more considering the big picture. Decide for yourself in reading my blog. I have been angry about Ellie's computer teacher making her use a head switch. If Ellie didn't have such great use of her hands I would be all for it. But head switch? On Ellie? Come on!!!  Ellie's head is the most difficult part of her body that she tries to control. When, oh when are you going to see my kid as she is, not as you would like her to be?  

Sigh.  See that? Up there is me giving in to anger.

Ann has reminded me that there are always two sides to every situation. I am not sure how to learn from this situation yet or what the other side is of Ellie's hands being totally written off and her being made to use a head switch. But I am going to start to look for it and try to understand as I have been but without the anger. Any suggestions from any readers will be appreciated. 

It's good to be reminded that everyone makes mistakes, not meaning to, and without malice and that they deserve compassion too. If everyone thought like Ann seems to, the world would be so much a better place. Thanks for setting such a great example of this principle in your post here!