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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good friends are hard to come by

So you have to cherish the time you have with those few that you feel truly connected to.

Tiffany is one of those people.

She helped us with Ellie when we first moved to Mass for a couple of years and became someone we consider family. She helped me through dark times with words of encouragement as well as analytical powers that kept me on track and understanding how to navigate the complexities of Ellie’s disabilities. I always felt 100% safe leaving Ellie with her when I had to go. She sang in dulcet tones at my wedding such that angels would envy as well as making it possible for us to go on honeymoon. She married a great guy I count as a friend and I got to repay the favor by being the photographer at her wedding. I have learned so much from her and she has helped me be a better mother.

Tiffany, you are going to be an amazing mother some day…!

When I mention her to Ellie I always say, “Ellie, is that your Tiffy!” only to be met by squeals and smiles. Tiffany and Ellie are good friends too, both Scorpios and bright shining lights. Tiffany is Ellie’s Fairy God Mother. Besides being a brilliant nurse she also put her whole heart into helping Ellie heal. She equally held our conviction that Ellie will heal and overcome the odds. All her actions demonstrated this from reading to her for hours during Tummy Time to snuggling her in the Sling when she was sick to taking the time to brush Ellie’s teeth – which, trust me, is no small task. Ellie was never so immaculately groomed and dressed as when Tiffany was around! I can only aspire! ;-)

I think the waltzing they used to do is one of my favorite memories of all time.

Thank you Tiffany for being such a good friend. I wish you a safe journey to this wonderful next phase in your life. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you next summer!