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Thursday, July 26, 2007

You are my I love you

This book brought tears to my eyes. It was a gift to Ellie and Dave and me from a friend. It's very poetic. Ellie wants us to read it to her every night a few times of course. Because, and this is the 4 year old creed I have decided, if something is good once, won't it be even better 50 to a hundred times more? So share it with your four year old with caution.

You are my I love you
by Maryann K. Cusimano
Philomel Books, 2001

I am your parent;
you are my child.
I am your quiet place;
you are my wild.

I am your calm face;
you are my giggle.
I am your wait;
you are my wiggle.

I am your carriage ride;
you are my king.
I am your push;
you are my swing.

I am your audience;
you are my clown.
I am your London Bridge;
you are my falling down.

I am your carrot sticks;
you are my licorice.
I am your dandelion;
you are my first wish.

I am your water wings;
you are my deep.
I am your open arms;
you are my running leap.

I am your way home;
you are my new path.
I am your dry towel;
you are my wet bath.

I am your dinner;
you are my chocolate cake.
I am your bedtime;
you are my wide awake. (ain't that the truth)

I am your finish line;
you are my race.
I am your praying hands;
you are my saying grace.

I am your favorite book;
you are my new lines.
I am your night-light;
you are my starshine.

I am your lullaby;
you are my peekaboo.
I am your goodnight kiss;
you are my I love you.

Is that not the sweetest thing? Just had to share this. It's one of those things you only get to encounter when you have a little kid.