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Friday, February 01, 2008

Things I do in my copious amounts of spare time...

Yep, I wrote a book, it's called "Which Bird Gets Heard? How To Have Impact Even In A Flock". That's a picture of the cover.
I am pretty psyched that it's finally available on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon. It represents 4 years of Organizational Development research and much blood, sweat and tears. It's about presense and having more impact in life. It's positive and I hope humorous. It's not about CP though the principles in it can be applied in a helpful way if you happen to be raising a child with CP and other disabilities like me. Go figure.

Anywhooo. I wasn't sure I was going to mention it on this blog. But hey, you don't write a book every day do ya!

If you happen across it I hope you like it and find some use in it and any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated!