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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ellie's Staycation

Ellie is home this week for April Vacation. Our friend Kristin coined "Stay-cation" . I love it as it perfectly describes Ellie's ideal vacation: staying home. She has been enjoying the extra time with Mama and getting to see some friends she hasn't seen in awhile. On Tuesday she signed I love you to me giving me a long look to make sure I got the message and then a hug and didn't ask for a toy. That was all. A simple but meaningful I love you. Of course that made my day/week/life. You know. She is so cute and when she does stuff like that it's heart-rendering! Suffice to say, I think she is enjoying being home.

She has also gone to having a very bad cough to now a bad cold. Not unlike many adults I know who wait to get sick on the weekends or vacation. It's truly a stay-cation. Here are some pictures of my indomitable sweetie, all taken with the iPhone by Ellie with just a little of Mama's help.