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Friday, April 13, 2007

Disability Blog Carnival #12

The latest, From Where I'm Sitting, is up and it's great and you can check it out here. I don't remember how I stumbled onto the first one I ever read, but I did awhile back and submitted my post about getting Ellie a handicap placard. Since then I have been in two more, without submitting, which is such a compliment. Tokah's carnival being one of them. Thanks Tokah! You can read the first ever Disability Blog Carnival here.

I love these because they broaden my understanding of the issues. I want to understand these issues so I can help Ellie now and in the future and so I can amend my appalling ignorance of disability issues.

I will be hosting a Disability Blog Carnival here in May or June with the theme of "Family Life". Further information on that and the exact date will be forth coming.

It’s just Cerebral Palsy

It could be way, way worse. And here is how, but don’t expect a list of other disabilities.

What could be worse than having a disability like, say...... Cerebral Palsy?

Here are some things:

Being mean-spirited and spiteful

Being angry at your life and fate for most of your life and missing out on all the beauty.

To lack compassion and empathy for others

To be ruled by fear

To hate

To indulge in rage especially against another

Being a parent, who holds back their love from their child.

Constantly focusing on what’s lacking and not appreciating what is working

To be ignorant (and I don’t mean IQ).

To never be of service to another human being or animal that needs it, especially if you have been asked for help.

Ok – so there is a start to a list of things that would be way worse than having a disability or parenting a child with disability. It is a list of things I have seen in people and myself sometimes chronically and sometimes infrequently. Ellie has CP but does none of the things on this list.

Who is better off?