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Friday, May 09, 2008

37th Blog Carnival: Celebration of Disability Culture!

Great carnival and many compliments to Crip Chick who organized this great carnival! Here is an excerpt from her introduction.

The words carnival and disability together brings many images to mind. Images of freakshows, disability being manipulated, and all kinds of hard times for disabled people are thought of. Here we are though, in 2008, reclaiming and recycling these words together to mean something new. This disability blog carnival, the 37th one of its kind, focuses on the celebration of disability culture, struggle, people, history and identity. Put your party hats on— we’re ready to get started!

“I think it was perhaps the most important thing that happened to me. It formed me, guided me, instructed me, helped me, humiliated me, all those things at once. I’ve never gotten over it, and I am aware of the force and power of it.”—Dorethea Lange on disability

The next Carnival is here at Ryn Tales and the theme is Disability and Spirituality. Anything goes so submit, submit, submit. SEE you back here in May 22 for the 38th Disability Blog Carnival.