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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ellie's Staycation

Ellie is home this week for April Vacation. Our friend Kristin coined "Stay-cation" . I love it as it perfectly describes Ellie's ideal vacation: staying home. She has been enjoying the extra time with Mama and getting to see some friends she hasn't seen in awhile. On Tuesday she signed I love you to me giving me a long look to make sure I got the message and then a hug and didn't ask for a toy. That was all. A simple but meaningful I love you. Of course that made my day/week/life. You know. She is so cute and when she does stuff like that it's heart-rendering! Suffice to say, I think she is enjoying being home.

She has also gone to having a very bad cough to now a bad cold. Not unlike many adults I know who wait to get sick on the weekends or vacation. It's truly a stay-cation. Here are some pictures of my indomitable sweetie, all taken with the iPhone by Ellie with just a little of Mama's help.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

True Spring

Too much in my brain right now to even begin to blog. So just some pics of Ellie who as a seven year old has the most thoughtful expression sometimes like in the first picture. She sort of sets her mouth just so and looks very serious. I wonder what she is thinking while at the same time feel the sanctity of her inner processing, so I don't wonder too hard and am ever so thankful that she is filled with so many thoughts. A pic of her and dada and the iPhone. Lastly a picture of the painting that will be done before I stumble across another birthday.

Ellie has been well. We are experiencing true Spring for the first time since we moved here. I am grateful for the transition.

Thank you VERY MUCH to Penny Richards for your testimonial about the strength of stomach acid to dissolve baby teeth, sharp bits first, before they ever reach the small intestine. I am sleeping much better now. Thank you so much!