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Thursday, March 06, 2008

There and back again, again

Where oh where does the time go, especially when I am having so much fun?
Let's see, since my last post I have had a horrible bout of sciatica that was followed by me seeing a "specific" chiropractor. Specific chiropractic deals mainly with upper cervical care - meaning the atlas and axis which are the two bones that hold up your head. And seems that I literally had my head on crooked. I realize that many of you just now might have had an aha! moment about me. You might be thinking, "Ok, now I get her, that makes so much sense" right!? I'm so with you there. ;-)

But it did help loads - not that you just go once, you go three times per week so it's a bit of a time commitment. And then a couple of days later I got a ton of consulting work. In fact, my colleague who hired me, said the moment he saw me, "You look like a published author!" So I have to attribute some of getting the work to the book, which I mentioned here. And then, Dave and I joined a gym. The really gawd awful expensive, over priced, doesn't even have a towel service gym. The same one that is literally 5 minutes down the road and for us - that means we will actually use it. We joined because I was lying there one night, in agony from the sciatica feeling about 300 years old and I said to Dave, "What is going on?! This is just unbelievable."

"We have to exercise." he said. And he is right. I don't think we are the first special needs parents who have put working out at the bottom of the list. Not that we intended to put it there. But it just got there, at the bottom, under things like, work with Ellie all day, pick up meds, bring her to that doctor, get up at night with her, try to hold down a job and house hold...and on and on.

So we joined a gym and started going there a few times per week. I am not allowed to tell you what the group exercise class we do is because Dave will get in trouble with the Irish. Let's just say it's quite a stretch for an Irish man to be there. And on top of that he is pretty good at it. So that has all been great. Working in my field doing workshops with large groups of executives has been exhilarating but bad for blogging.

And then, just as my sciatica was a bad memory, two days ago I got hit by a car. I was in line waiting to go through a toll when all of the sudden, BAM! My car lurched forward, luckily not hitting the car in front and behind me I see a car with their front hood quite crumpled. Me and the other driver were both really civil to each other, both able to drive away after we had exchanged information. I wonder how she is doing now? Wednesday, the day after the accident, I could barely move and the sciatica was back. Upon examination today I was diagnosed with whiplash, which in my case means tissue damage in my spine. Major ouch and ARRRGGGGGG! Just when I was starting to feel really great, back to the starting block.

As it turns out getting consulting work, being in car crashes, working out, and being a mother are all really, really bad for blogging and painting for that matter. It's all an adjustment and now I have to figure out how to fit more in. The really bad part is that there are all these posts rolling around my brain. If anyone out there knows how to acquire a penseive I could really use one right now! Also, we just found some really cute videos of Ellie when she was little. Soooo cute and I will post them over the weekend.

Oh, and we are taking Miss Ellie to the same chiropractor and her head control has improved and she is sleeping better. (Remember to keep that last bit on the Q/T ok because, well if you have been a frequent reader of this blog, you know who we need to be careful not to mention her sleeping through the night to....!)

Miss Ellie is doing GREAT in general. She is reading and spelling more and more words. She is trying really hard to talk and it's starting to sound more like words. She is using both legs now in her pony and able to tolerate her stander for 30 minutes up from 15 at a time and GROWING and GROWING. We have her 5 year appointment (I know it's way over due) next Tuesday so more to report then. Overall, she is the sweetest, cutest, funniest little girl a mama could want.

Her latest, cutest, new-new thing is that she loves blankets. She still likes to try different seats. But she has discovered blankets. It's been really cold here and she figured out how to tell me she wants a blanket over her. She loves to sit on the couch with me and have a blanket over both of us. If it's not over me too, she will then work to adjust it so it's over both of us. Soooo cute. We say, "warm, snuggly blanket" and that makes her laugh. Sometimes I wish she could stay at the age she is forever because it's just so adorable but then she does new things and they are equally as cute. Oh, and one more thing, Ellie wants to dance like her classmate Xavier. So during circle she will want to stand while he is standing and dance too. Is that not the greatest thing?!

She is growing and changing and balm to a mama's soul.

Oh, and one last thing, Yang-May Ooi, author of Fusion View has asked me to contribute to her book about blogging communities because of the little community that hangs out around Ryn Tales. Cool huh?! I will keep you posted. Don't have all the details yet. But she did make me see there is a community here, I just think of you all as my bloggy friends, but it is a community in the sense that it has been a huge source of support and fun and learning for me.

Ok, penseive session over. (for those of you who don't get that reference, you really do need to get the finger out (sorry, Irish idiom there) and read Harry Potter). ;-)