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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ellie's first poem

Dave just reminded me about this.  He was reading Tug and Teeny - a really cute book with Ellie and in the book Teeny writes a poem and even gets critique from her forest friends.  After reading it Ellie wanted to write a poem.  This is what she wrote.  I call it:

Ode to My Fijits

"Sage dances,
Sarafina tells jokes,
Lola is purple,
Logan sings,
Fijits are Fun!
Ahoy thar!"

Needless to say we were very proud. And Ellie was very proud to tell me her poem and we read it several times over the course of a couple of days.  Today she agreed we should send it into school to show her teachers.  When she wrote it on Saturday she wasn't ready to share it with anyone else. But since then she has decided it's ok to release it to the world - it's ready - which is why I get to share it with you.

Ellie loves the Fijits (and still loves the lingo of pirates) toys themselves and all the youtube videos of them. If you buy them, get them from Toys-R-Us because they are really more expensive on Amazon.  AND Toys-R-Us offers a life time insurance policy if they break you just bring it in and they will replace it.  The policy costs a one time fee of $8 which I know sounds like a lot but it covers all Fijits you buy.  Since they cost $50 and they do break - this is a good deal. We are on our third version of Lola (who is actually their Willa - but Ellie renamed her) and third Logan and second of the other two.  Also, get some rechargeable batteries. The AA batteries burn out after about 48 hours and it takes 5 of them.  Since getting the rechargeables we have reduced our footprint and saved considerably. Let's Fijit, Fijit!

This is a link to one of Ellie's favorite Fijit videos here!