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Sunday, December 03, 2006


1. Ellie being able to tell me where the pain is.
Last night Ellie was up at 3AM and would not settle. I got her attention between whinges and said, “Ellie. Do you have an aowie?” Ellie looked at me and looked at her legs. I said, “Show Mama where your aowie is.” Ellie took my hand and put in on one leg then the other. I have been trying to teach her to tell me where the pain is for 2 years now – so this is a major breakthrough. We took off her bivalves and I gave her some Motrin and she went back to sleep.

2. Ellie waking up at 8:10AM (versus 5AM as usual) after a difficult night. This could also be called; not having to get up after only three hours of sleep when it’s still dark and the world is asleep around you.

3. Dave’s floor feathering repairs. Lovely! He is healing our ramshackle house and fixing up the mess the airvent guys left. The energy in our home feels so much the better.

*3 Beautiful, Wonderful, Awesome, Amazing, Lovely Things