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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ellie's first T-Ball Game

Last Sunday we took Ellie to her first T-Ball game, which was on Mother's Day. And it was the best Mother's Day present ever!!

Thanks to M. S. and the others like her who make this possible.  Ellie's team is called the "Red Sox" go figure. The high schoolers you see wearing the "Buddy" shirts take the kids around. We got to varsity soft ballers who by the end of the hour had learned some sign language and showed Ellie how to throw the ball, bat off the T (hence T-ball - thank God right? was really worried about someone pitching the ball at Ellie and was very relieve that is NOT how it works), and running the bases. In some ways it was a difficult hour. Ellie was scared and everything was new. There were tears and protests. Dave and I were allowed to jet out onto the field to give her support and explain about the baseball diamond and count the bases. After 50 minutes and she hit the ball off the T she started to enjoy herself. She especially loved the fist tap with all the other players at the end.  After the game we all went to dinner and Ellie tried chocolate cake - that is what is on her lips in the last pic. 

I learned a lot that day. For one, Ellie did NOT like the hat. I wonder if she is a closet Yankees fan. Either way, I got her a pink Red Sox hat today and when I showed it to her she smiled. I also got her a pink and purple leather sparkly glove - which she seemed to like too. I also learned that there are ways to get out in the world if you look hard enough. Thanks to Holly for telling me about this. Isn't it always the other parents that you learn the most from? It has been that way for me since having Ellie. 

We are going to go every Sunday. I am so happy to get to have this experience. In some ways I often feel very isolated from life. Marie, the woman who runs it and conceived it and started it, has opened up the world for us in a way that is extraordinary. Thank God for people like her and everyone who helps her. We hope that Ellie will get more comfortable and that we can sit back and cheer her on with the other parents. Having never had that experience, I am looking forward to it!