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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adventures in Energy Healing

Do all mother's of children who can not walk injure their backs? I want to know. Many of the mothers I know of kids who can not walk and are total care and are over the age of 5 have bad backs.  UGH! 

This Monday I bent down to pull a teeny tiny weed in my garden and stood up again and felt a horrible burning pain in my lower back. An hour later I hopped in the car to get Ellie and after the 25 minute ride could not get out of the car without great difficulty. One ER visit, MRI and CT scan later I found out I have three, not one, not two, but three bulging discs in my lower back. Gahhh!

I am not happy about this at all. 

It has been a trying 10 years of knee issues and now this.

In total desparation have finally gone over to the other side of medicine and started to study the effects of energy on the body and using energy to heal it. So for all of you people out there in the blogosphere who have been patiently telling me to do this for so long, I am looking into it and have had amazing success healing my knees (with help). They are now tip top (well still have some crepitus) but my mobility is nearly 100% (am still afraid to try a full squat but may have to now) and am running up stairs and my knees are not swelling and unstable anymore...  Don't get me wrong, I am keeping up with my physical therapy - and will do that for the rest of my life. BUT, what started all of this was that about a just over a month ago I was having an "acute arthritic flair up" that was so painful not only could I not move my knee, or put any weight on it, but even the sheet touching it was painful. I was in agony. OK, I am only 41 and having a "severe arthritic flair up" is the term my Ortho Doc used...see anything very, VERY wrong with this picture?

A couple days before this flair up, I had seen amazing changes in a friend (who was suffering from Lyme Disease for a decade and now she suddenly looked 10 years younger and all her symptoms gone). I have known her since we were in college so I know what she looked like back then. Just amazing. Turns out she has started doing energy work on herself and with the help of an energy practitioner so I called her to find out who her person was. I called Carla and by the end of the hour+ session my knee was out of pain and the swelling receded and by the next day I was up and walking. On top of that the lack of stability in my left knee was gone as well. I have not had any issues with either knee since. 

I know if you follow the links and read all that stuff some of you out there are going to think I have lost my marbles. I am a sceptic for sure. A prove it to me type of person. But Carla's rates were so reasonable and I was in such agony, I said, I am willing to gamble on this small amount of cash because working with someone over the phone to heal my knee sounds nuts but a whole lot better than UFlexa Injections and total knee replacement surgery ... I was totally desperate. It was a fantastic gamble. 

Even after my knees felt better, I followed the medical route - my MRI showed severe arthritis in my right knee and moderate in my left, so I was referred to a knee surgeon to discuss knee replacement. My appointment was a week after I had my session with Carla. I went to see the doctor and he said, "Hey you are not walking with a limp." I said, "nope" and then he examined my knees and said, "You have full range and no swelling. Are you sure these are your MRI results?"  I said, "Yes, I am sure"

He said, "Come back and see me when you are 60"

OK, of course I didn't tell him I was doing energy healing on my knee, but you know maybe I should have...I work in academia now as well as with Executives. All of this is really hard to explain...I am of course worried about my credibility, which is obviously why I am blogging about it...or maybe it's the pain meds talking...

Now my knees are working great for the first time in a decade, and I mean GREAT. I feel strong in my whole leg again like I did before I smashed my right knee into a bar under a table in 1999. I have 33 inch legs and used to competitively race bicycles so that is what I am comparing this to. Strong!

I am not dissing regular medicine in any way. It saved Ellie's and my life. I am also not advocating for anything, just sharing my experience over the last month, which to my rational, overly educated mind, has been quite bizarre but wonderful in the results.

Yet within a month of this discovery of energy as medicine and having taken an intensive workshop to learn the techniques of that with some German New Medicine thrown in, now my back decides to act up.

I am doing both things again, working using the new methods I have learned that include the emotional work of healing one's negative mental patterns(i.e. how we think and feel about ourselves, self talk) as well as going the medical route. Though in regards to regular medicine, there is absolutely NO way I am letting them do surgery! I will do aggressive PT. I will do this energy and emotional work.

This is a rant in all the most classic ways. There's really no point. Just that, it sucks when your back goes out. The very, very cool thing is that for the first time since Ellie was born there is enough help. There are people who are going to help me for Dave's entire day of work when Ellie is out of school. She has 6 weeks off in 2 weeks. In terms of shifting my consciousness to one of abundance versus poverty, this is a good sign. 

The good news, in the philosophy of German New Medicine, my back injury means I am healing from something physical and something emotional (an old wound). It is also good that Ellie, though she had a small fever last night and this morning, has been doing great and Dave too (no more severed digits so he is doing well!). One of my favorite moms used to ask when determining if it was a good day or not, "Is everyone still breathing? Yes? Then it was a good day!" I hear ya sister!

***I woke up this morning (July 13th) and had no back pain. My back is still a little stiff and I am going to the spine clinic to learn the exercises today...but there it is.