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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gone for 30 Seconds

Ellie had a 30 second seizure today at school. 

30 seconds. 

I will take it over the last couple that have lasted for nearly an hour and only came under control after multiple doses of anticonvulsants.

30 seconds. Her lip was twitching and she was staring out into space, non responsive, and then she slept for 30 minutes.

Sigh. She has been fighting a cold. She did not have a fever. She has gained about 3 pounds and a few inches in height. We also started doing cranial sacral therapy again which has helped her tremendously in the past and is sure to get the CSF flowing and bathing her brain optimally. 

I went down to the school after I heard. She seemed tired but fine. When it was time to go to computer class she nearly jumped out of my arms, all four limbs in full extension she was so excited. That's a good sign. She was able to show her teachers how she is able to add and subtract. She wanted to sign all the letters to that wonderful song "A, You're Adorable" on the ride home -which is what we do every ride home. 

She was gone for 30 seconds and back again. I'm glad it was a short trip this time but sad she had to go at all. I am perplexed. I am not wanting to go and have a level drawn because she just had blood taken 10 days ago and because she hates that and because I hate her being on seizure meds. She's just not as bright on them as off. And it was 30 seconds. If all her seizures were like that I wouldn't medicate her at all and there is an argument out there that her seizures might have become more intense because I medicated her in the first place. Her initial seizures lasted 30 seconds followed by 30-40 minute post-ictal naps. The problem was she was having a few in a row around naps and upon waking, your typical between a rock and a hard place situation.

I am on a cleaning binge now. I clean when I am upset. It's a little more productive than losing it or crying. I save the crying part for quiet moments when I'm alone. I do some of my best thinking while tidying. What to do? Never a dull moment. 

Picture Description: Ellie wearing the BEAUTIFUl sweater that Maureen knitted for her on her 5th birthday. It fits perfectly now and is oh so warm. Thanks again Maureen!