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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Stargazer Poem

I think this poem is about missing a loved one or feeling far away from God. Stargazer Lilies are my favorite because of their fragrance, the very essence of Summer, and they are so luminous. Walking in a moonlit forest is exactly where I want to be when I am blue.

Here you go:

Another Stargazer Poem

I was god that night
Walking through the trees,
My head turned upwards
Taking in the stars
The air was alive in it's smell
It smelled of life in all it's stages
The scent of birth and pain and sex and decay
Hung in the air like summer incarnate
And I felt like the center of it all
It was all around me and over me and inside me
Living things cried into the night
And their moans crashed upon my ears
And I was happy
And I was alive
And I was god that warm night
And I wish you could've been there
When I looked at the stars and saw your eyes
Looking down on me

by Tearon Uzuki

Ellie update: no fever all day today - so that is good. Still very sleepy and coughing now. Trying to keep her moving so it doesn't all settle into her lungs. Gave her UMKA Homeopathic cold care as well as Echineacea tea, frankincense essential oil on her feet, foot soaks, and a whole lotta love....let's hope this all works.