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Friday, February 15, 2008

Disability Carnival #31 is up and it's Super!!!

Emma , over at Writings of a Wheelchair Princess, has done a great job organizing this very interesting carnival with one of the best themes ever - Superman.

Thanks Emma!

Here is an excerpt I really love that I have cut and pasted from Emma's post. (Emma I hope you don't mind, but I want a t-shirt that says this too!). Thanks to Lisa for penning it.

It’s something that I wrote about earlier this week in this entry. And it’s something that Lisa wrote about in Can I Just Have This Made Into a T Shirt and Call It a Day? In saying the following, she totally blows me away and says something I’ve wished to say, something I’ve tried to say before.

"If you are going to call me remarkable, amazing, inspiring, or whatever other adjectives you want to use to put me on a pedestal…it better not be because I am disabled, or because I partner with someone who is disabled. It better be because I have won an Olympic Gold Medal or a Nobel Peace Prize or a Pulitzer or because I have brokered a treaty between waring nations or because I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue or because I have actually DONE something remarkable. And “coping” with disability DOES NOT COUNT. I didn’t do anything to be disabled, I was given this gift. "


The next carnival will be hosted by Shiloh over at Sunny Dreamer. It’s theme is “Standing Outside The Fire”. It’s on the 28th and submissions are due by the 25th. If you prefer not to use the blog carnival form, submissions can be e-mailed to