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Monday, March 19, 2007

Stomach Bug Blues/ Bold Boston Bug!

It happened. Ellie started school and the Darwinian-like immune development process has begun. The stomach bug that is affecting most of Boston has landed on our shores. We spent Friday and Saturday in the hospital to keep Ellie hydrated because she could keep nothing down. On Saturday morning Dave and I both woke up with it in force. The hospital rushed us out because Ellie was better and they had us “under precaution”. Luckily Dave recovered much more quickly than me and was able to take care of Ellie who is still sick and keeping down only thin liquids. Sigh.

Don’t come to our house. You will get the bug. The visitors who had been gracing us with their amiable presence took the bug back to Dublin and Los Angles. I send my apologies to both fair cities.