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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hello out there to my vast readership! I thought I would just check in with all 10 of you to let you know that I still exist. But to be sure, in that kind of impermanent flexi kind of way I described here. Just think of me as your ever-friendly web hologram – fade in, fade out.

I thought I would have to write and tell you I would not be posting much this month because I was attempting to write 50,000 words for

However, as it turns out, my natural proclivity for procrastination is also in full bloom so I am actually posting more. Yes, all you lucky readers of Ryn Tales – more. Not better or more interesting posts – just MORE. After all that is what the theme of this month in my writing world is all about, is it not? More, MORE, MORE.

We're talking 50,000 words more.

What have I done? Truly, am I mad? Here I sit, quarter past midnight, writing a blog post after writing 3,000 words on my slog to win NaNoWriMo where the prize is nothing monetary, nothing auditory like the praise of millions, but incredibly solitary. The sole prize of being able to whisper to your self, “I did it.”

The question is, are 50,000 words that you wrote in haste over thirty days of madness really something to brag about? Is the act of doing so a clear cry for help. Maybe, a subtle attempt to scramble the brain, leaving it forever jumbled up with the computer chords below the desk that have long ago forgotten their purpose? Really, what the F#@
& was I thinking?

My creative style up until recently, like 4 days ago, has been one of go and stop. I would work in great bursts of energy and then do nothing creative for months. But here, with NaNoWriMo, I am afforded no such luxury. Nooohohoh. It’s go, go, go every day. The problem is I don’t have time during the day. I told myself if I did this I would not put it before Ellie. During the day is her time. I also have my business seedling to nurture and work to do just about everywhere I look. Ultimately, when things quiet down it’s at least 10pm and I crank out 3,300 words until midnight. The problem is, though my eyes are tired and my heart is guilty knowing I will make it through tomorrow on caffeine jitters, my mind won’t shut up! It says, why stop at 3,300? I’ve got plenty more where that came from. Remember the
Pitter Patter post? That’s right lady, you took your finger out of the damn and here I am. What’s this bull about you needing to sleep? It’s all a lie about the mind needing a rest to maintain one’s sanity. Lies I tell you! All lies - mWAHAHAH!

I have decided that my own mind is the spawn of the devil and when NaNoWriMo is over I have vowed never use it again. It’s clearly a creature that needs to be caged at all times. I may even have to watch TV to turn it off completely. For now my starts and stops instead of being on a monthly basis are happening every other day. As a result I have written 5,823 lousy, quality starved, quantity-begging WORDS.