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Monday, January 15, 2007

Rocky Landing Ramble

Ellie's stuffy nose that she has had for a couple of weeks turned into a persistent cough and now pneumonia. She is now on antibiotics and an inhaler. She is generating more snot than her little body looks capable of. When she is not sleeping between coughing fits she wants to play. Play with everything. It's like she feels she is sleeping during normal play time and has to make up for it. But her cheeks are rosy and she seems to be fighting "it".

Sigh. What does this mean for 2007?

This reminds me of my birthday superstition. Every birthday I try to fill my day with all the things I want to have lots of during the year. For example, it's great to have a consulting gig on that day, some good food, good exercise like yoga, and time with friends and of course sex. As my superstition dictates - this will ensure a year with all of these things present.

So if you get sick at the start of a year is it going to be a bad year?

See that's the thing about superstitions - they are just mental games that ease one's anxiety over the fact that we can't predict the future and most of the time we don't know what the heck is going to happen next. It's not like when I am reading a novel and one of the characters gets into trouble so I peek ahead and make sure they are still in the book. Ever done that? Yes. Can't do that in life though. I have had lots of dreams that have come true. And some deja vus that were pretty convincing but when I am most worried I can summon up nothing. None of that wonderful intuition I have regarding anything I am not stressed out about or care too much for. It's a bummer. Surrender can be so difficult at times.