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Friday, November 30, 2007

I wish this old train would breakdown so I can take a nap!

This is one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson. It's a good one to listen too when you haven't had a night of unbroken sleep for what seems like weeks. Sometimes I wish that life would just let me get off its mad rush and take a break. This is one of those times. These casts are killing us!

Ellie hasn't been sleeping well with them at all. She sleeps for about a 2 hour stretch at a time then is up and upset and unhappy and wanting to be held. And that is pretty much how our nights have been since October 30. As a result I am a lazy blogger. I have so much to tell you to - especially on the nutrition front.

Monday we get the first set of casts off only to have her molded for new AFO's and recasted until the new ones come in. It's the final stretch on our way to walk ready feet.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rosebud, sharing a laugh, Yaa! (3BT All About Ellie)

~ Rosebud cheek against my chest as she dreams. The safety she feels is palpable and forever endearing.

~ The way she HAS to turn and look at me while Dada "checks in with Santa". She wants to share the laugh.

~ The way her eyes light up and her small smile of anticipation when you have figured out what she wants to play next and hit upon one of her favorites. "Yaa!" she says in that sweet light voice only a little child's small vocal chords can create.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Ellie-Luv

Ellie turned 5 today. She was born at 3:01 PM PST. It was a rainy Saturday and she was three months early.

She had a great day today. She has come so amazingly FAR.

It truly doesn't feel like 5 years have gone by. It is going way too fast.

It's late. After a day of parties at her school and at home and a couple more to plan for, mama is tired.

Will add pics to this post and more descriptions tomorrow.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Home at last

We got home today just before 7pm. Ellie, other than being tired, hungry and having to put up with casts on both legs (up to her knees) is back to her old adorable, happy, smiley, active, smartie-pie self.

Thank you God!

And thanks to everyone for all their kind thoughts. I really think it makes all the difference.

Will write what I learned about Codeine tomorrow because I am tired and hungry too.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Hospital - again

This is just a quick update while I am home gathering up Ellie's food and overnight gear for the hospital. Sensitive Boo had a bad reaction to the codeine. They gave her some Narcam and she popped right out of it for 30 minutes but then right back down again. She was satting really low. Turns out Codeine has a suppressive effect on the lungs and the Ellie is sensitive to it.

I can't tell you how bummed out we were that this has happened and how relieved we were when they successfully pulled her out of it with the Narcam.

They have ruled out shunt malfunction and seizures. They are keeping her in for observation at Children's until she is back to her baseline with out the help of Narcam.

Will update when we are home again some time tomorrow. Any good thoughts for Ellie will be much appreciated. She is in the wars, again I am sad to report.