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Monday, March 31, 2008

A day out at the New England Horticultural Show

We've been busy seizing the day. Finally, finally we are on the path to Spring and warmth and fresh air. It's been a long Winter. But here we are out on a chilly, windy day. Admittedly I didn't enjoy the show as much as last year where you can see here that we had a blast. It seemed like there were less installations and more vendors. Alas. However, Ellie had a good time seeing all the plants and a corn goddess. Her attentiveness is beyond that of your average 5 year old and delightful. You can see her with her own flower, named "Flower", hooked on to her waist strap. This happy yellow and pink velvet flower has become her favorite toy. She would consult it now and then throughout the show. She has been absolutely adorable about Flower. I attach it to her car seat straps on our way in to school. Yesterday she got very quiet and at a stop light I looked back and saw Ellie rub her nose against Flower's face and then lean back and smile at Flower and do it again. She even put Flower in her mouth just a little - but for Ellie with all her sensory aversiveness especially around her face - this is a huge deal. So huge it made me cry - right there on the way to school. It was the cutest thing. Sigh. Can she stay this little forever? She's just so cute all the time.