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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Travelling, more experiences to consider

Emma has posted her experiences with the world transit system and it is worth the read. It links to the discussion I started here about Dave and Ellie and my most recent trip to Ireland.

Travelling should not have to be such a humiliating, dehumanizing experience just because a person has special needs or doesn't walk. It's amazing in Emma's story the assumptions people made about her. Emma, super smart web designer and writer and creative person, being treated as if she's not all in there just because she uses a wheelchair. That just kills me. I have heard David write about this too. How if he is with someone else while in his wheelchair people he has to deal with won't address him but the able bodied person instead.

I really think that anyone working in any role that deals with the public should be required to take diversity training and that training should include getting up to snuff on disability rights and disability diversity.