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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Irish Firsts or 3 Beautiful Firsts

1. Ellie at Nomad's
1.  Figuring out that wheelchair vans with ramps and tie downs are available - and easily so  - in Dublin, Ireland. Result: no more extra lifting of Ellie and schlepping of car seats! Woot and dah...

2.  First time finding the beach wheelchair and using it!  We were all jet lagged from returning from Ireland last Friday. So on Sunday morning, being up very early we got to the beach before 9am (it's an hour and 30 minutes away so that is saying something for us).  As a result there was a beach wheelchair available. AND the head supervisor of the beach was insistent we use it (when she saw us gearing up to drag Ellie in her wheelchair across the beach).  She gave me her number to call her next time so even if one was not there they would find one.   Ellie did great too. I was very worried about her stability because it only had a waist belt and no shoulder straps and the beach is rough going. But she sat criss cross style and was very stable.  Big victory for us and our backs and Ellie. We used it to get her to the water as well.

2. Amazing salad from Rustic Stone
3.  Overnight away from Ellie.  And guess what? Everyone was completely fine at the end of the day and next day. It was really, really nice to have time with Dave and break that barrier of our fear of leaving her.  That said, we left her with the NICU nurse who cares for Ellie when she's not doing her day job so Ellie was in great hands and loved having a girls night out away from mom and dad.

It's been a good couple of weeks. 

Pictures from the top to bottom:

1. Ellie in Nomad's just off Grafton Street in Dublin's City Center. The food is spectacular (they even had an amazing coconut Thai tofu entrĂ©e ) and the owner is lovely and made us feel right at home.
3. Dave and I on our overnight away.
2. The most amazing salad we had at Rustic Stone right of George's street. Such an amazing and wonderful food experience. Highly recommend both restaurants. 
Dublin rocks some amazing food. I was even able to get fresh squeezed green juice for Ellie at Cornucopia - which is a block up from Grafton street if you take a left after Brown Thomas.  The vegan food is great there too and the people are lovely. We ate there several times. 
3. Dave and I at our friend Anto's wedding on our overnight. 
4. The Harry Potter like and wonderful library at Trinity College. I highly recommend taking the tour which is very interesting and fun.  
5. Ellie and Dave at Bewley's which has the best atmosphere and cherry buns and cappuccinos. 
4. Library at Trinity
4. Library at Trinity College Dublin

5. Ellie and Dave at Bewley's - yum.