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Friday, December 18, 2009

Abdominal Migraines and Santa

It might be that the Periactin is working. Maybe. Ellie has had a slightly elevated temp on and off for the last three days. It has ranged from 99.4 to 100.6. She has not vomited. She was given motrin and she is not totally herself in that she has been tired and has dark circles under her eyes and is very pale. I need to get a script for an oximeter because I want to know better how much pain she is in. My rational is that if her heart rate is elevated then she probably has some pain. Also, she is pale. One time when she had a seizure she was pale but flushed at the same time and the O2 saturation in her blood as taken by the EMTs was 78. So, I kinda want to know how she is doing when this is going on. It's hard though. Instead of a week between not it's a couple of days. If this becomes everyday that is an untenable situation.

Picture description: Ellie at her school's jubilee. She signed "I love you" to Santa.