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Sunday, January 27, 2008

High Tone

Ok - I have to ask my readers who have personal experience with this some questions that I feel might be totally invading your personal space about spasticity.

Apologies in advance.

But I am asking so I can help Ellie with hers. I need to understand. I worry about her experiencing pain. Because you see, increasingly her legs are getting tight. They are suddenly scissoring like mad and I feel it creeping up her legs to her waist. What to do?

So here are my questions:

What does high tone feel like? The real question is - does it hurt?
Followed by, what things have you found ease it, help it, relieve it in anyway? I understand where it comes from but I wonder if epson salt baths, arnica, or anything else that soothes tense muscles will help.

And for anyone who has had experience with AFOs, braces and the like, do your feet and legs with the high tone feel better in them or out of them?

Ok - there, I have asked. Any thoughts on this will be entirely welcome.