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Thursday, December 07, 2006

3BT's - Tell Me Yours

Hi Everyone. We have been in a really busy cycle again. (Like we ever left the first one...). Anywhoo, am trying to keep up with my new discipline and quest to be the MOTSP. Here are my three in Haiku format and they may be a bit cryptic, but they are my 3BT's. Each line is one of the beautiful things:

Sweetest smile I know
Ellie turning the handle
Good friends drinking tea

I would love to hear your three beautiful things in the comments of this post, Haiku format optional.


Dave said...

Whos got the sweetest smile? I still have all my teeth but I don't like to smile with my mouth open .. so I guess it must be Ellie then.

Anonymous said...

1. four magical words "I love you mummy"
2. freshly made coffee that is still hot when its drunk
3. silence

Ryn Tales said...

I love your 3bt's annymous! All of them, wish I could have #1 in this life time, require #2 daily but 9 times out of 10 make the cuppa, forget it and find it slightly cold and drink out of sheer need, and don't get enough of #3. I think you have described nirvana.