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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hey, I made someone think!

David over at Growing Up With Disability nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks David, I am honored to be included in such an incredible group of bloggers. The rules are that I now have to nominate 5 other bloggers that make me think. This is going to be difficult because I would have nominated David and Gimp Parade, and Autism Diva, and others but have found that they have already been nominated which according to the rules makes them off limits. If you haven’t visited these amazing blogs you are missing out.

Luckily not all my favorites have been scooped up.
My nominations are:

A Letter To My Children. Lisa’s blog was the second one I ever read. She is such a clear thinker, solid writer and has the gift of being able to articulate all sides of an issue. Lisa I am sure you would make a great chess player for this reason. Lisa’s unique and sometimes harrowing story of her own battles in life and experiences raising her two beautiful twin boys is well worth reading about. Always interesting and always informative with a great sense of humor, a letter to my children is one of my absolute favorites.

Terrible Palsy. Jacqui thoughtfully and succinctly writes about her experiences raising Moo who has cerebral palsy. Jacqui has this uncanny ability to perfectly articulate my thoughts about many issues that we deal with in common except she does so much better than I ever could. I have learned so much from her example of how she mothers Moo and her other children. She is someone I truly admire. Her blog is an invaluable to me as well as humorous, poignant, and always thought provoking.

Special Education Law Blog. This blog has helped me to understand the lay of the land when it comes to dealing with the dynamics of special education. Charles Fox, a special education lawyer, a great writer and really cares about helping other parents of disabled kids fight the good fight to get their children equal access to high quality education. He is living it and passing on what he learns as he goes. His wife, Lori Miller Fox contributes many wonderfully funny posts as well. It’s a must read.

The Life and Times of Emma: Wheelchair Princess. I have learned a great deal from Emma’s wonderful posts as well has her many thoughtful and insightful comments on my blog and other blogs we both frequent. She offers a perspective that is near and dear to my heart and she has quickly and succinctly put into focus many sides of the issues I could not see. She has made me aware of things that allow me to be a better mother to Ellie. For that, I can’t ever thank her enough. I wish I had even half of her moxy and guts in my early twenties.

Fusion View. Yang-May Ooi is a writer, published author, lawyer and all round interesting person. Her blog is eclectic and always presents something new. She posts about writing and getting published, her travels and her technological discoveries related to blogging. I truly enjoy reading her blog as it gets me out of my own head and life and makes me remember to be creative.

To the bloggers I nominated, tag, you’re it. You now get to nominate 5 blogs that make you think. The rules for this meme are
here. It was hard to only nominate 5 blogs. All the blogs listed on Ryn Tales make me think and I am grateful they are there. Check em out!


David said...

You're welcome. I look forward to checking out your nominees.

Mel said...

I second the nomination:) Your blog is definately thought provoking and inspiring. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Kathryn. I am very excited and very touched. What's moxy?
L, Emma xx

Kathryn said...

Mel - thanks so much!

Emma - Moxy is a term us ancients use to describe someone who has charismatic personality. Like gusto! Or pizazzzzzz. Kind of a kick ass gutsy approach. It's a good thing that I wish I had more of when I was your age. You rock! I can't wait to see your nominees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryn, Wow, thanks for nominating my blog for the Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks also for the very supportive and encouraging review of my blog. I will now put my thinking cap on and find 5 other blogs to nominate now that I've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

PS. I also meant to say Congratulations for being awarded a Thinking Blogger Award yourself! I've not followed your blog before and I'm now subscribing to it in my Google Reader. What a great community to be a part of ...

Jacqui said...

Thanks Kathryn,

I'm working on my nominations. It may take me a while though (I actually stock pile my posts so although it looks like I'm regularly blogging - they were written about a few days ago when I got two minutes to myself).

But thank you for the nomination. I'm not sure I am worthy but I will try.


Kathryn said...

Yang-May, I am glad you noticed - I was wondering if you would. We are one degree of separation removed, or were, as we share a dear person in common - Ms. Pey. She led me to your blog.

I look forward to checking out your nominees and am honored that you will be checking in at Ryn Tales.


Kathryn said...

Jacqui, I look forward to checking out your nominees. You and your wonderful blog are so worthy!

Hope you are doing great.