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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hosting the Disability Carnival was great fun and introduced me to many new great blogs. There are also some blogs that I consistently lurk at but have yet to put on my blog roll. Well today I am finally getting around to updating the blog roll and giving shout outs to the newbies.

Here are some blogs soon to be on my roll that you might like:

Reimer Reason. Jodi writes well and often about her son Kellen and many other pertinent issues to parents raising children with disabilities. Jodi is brilliant.

Chewing the Fat. David is a paramount story teller and just nails a lot of the issues around accessibility and many others consistently.

Chocolachillie. It's a great blog written and about a lovely mother and her family. I can't say much more about it because I am still a bit choked up by recent events. So go there with a gentle heart.

Dream Mom. She inspires me daily with her painterly prose. She is ahead of me on a path I feel destined to follow. I am grateful to her for lighting the way.

Disability Studies at Temple University. GREAT resource here. It really is a blog that keeps it's finger on one of the many pulses of the disability world.

Lovely and Amazing. Such a positive outlook on life and boundless love for a beautiful child should never be overlooked.

Planet of the Blind. Another great site dealing with the issues of disability rights from a very personal perspective of it's authors. Great writing as well.

Pathway at UCLA Extension. Ok - everyone give a big cheer and send all the positive thoughts you can, because I want this project to thrive and grow and set the bar high for a future norm of providing college education in an accessible, flexible environment for anyone with a disability who wants one. Give them your support at their newborn blog!

The Perorations of Lady Bracknell. She's smart. She's witty. She nails it every time and she writes as if she lives in the 1800's which is a period of time in the writing world I am particulary fond of - so double bonus!

That's it for today. My plan is to update the blogroll in this manner quarterly. Enjoy!


Danielle said...

Thanks for the great links. I will go check them out (if I haven't already). I LOVE the picture post below. She looks so pretty in her dress! And what a daddy she has. Much fun!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Danielle. Enjoy the links. Yes - Ellie can do girlie dressed as well as cool girl looks. She has it all. ;-)

Dada is not so bad either.

Hope the vj rotation is wrapping up soon for you!

Danielle said...

RYC: I AM jaded :) LOL But then you find something that you REALLY like, like Pedi PM&R, and all the jade a sarcasm goes away and all you can think about is how you could do THAT forever :)

Kathryn said...

Well that is good news. Passion works that way! Ok - what is PM&R?

I think you will be great in Pedi!

Zhu said...

Just found your blog through google. Your little warrior is so cute !!! You seem like a really happy family... :)

Danielle said...

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: aka Physiatry ;)

AZ Chapmen said...

I misteed the blog carnava. I just started one .I have mild cp and nld.

Kathryn said...

Danielle - thanks for the clarification. Dr. Webster is our uber Physiatrist -you should check him out. Harry C. Webster. He is pictured in many of my posts about Ellie botox and casting.