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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ashely Treatment Revisited

Jacqui has captured the thoughts of a person on this who is, in the rarest possible way, in the know. Check out her post here.


Danielle said...

RE: your last two posts.

I have many thoughts. Many, many thoughts. But I am too tired to post them right now. I think that it's great that your posts leave me speechless sometimes ;)

Karen said...


LOVED the link to the post about a woman who had static encephalopathy. Thanks for sharing that.

I just wrote a post about NICU/SCU and briefly mentioned Nissens. I wanted to link to your post on how you thought Nissens were a disservice as they didn't actually treat the problem, just masked the symptom better. If you actually know off the top of your head where in your archives I could find that, I would really appreciate it. If it would be too hard for you to find it, never mind!!


Anonymous said...

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