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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ellie Learning To Use The Gait Trainer

Ellie is learning to use a gait trainer. This one is a Riftin. Ellie works very hard for her PT, Mary Anne at New School.

Go Ellie!


Lori said...

Wow! You can see how hard she is working. What a courageous, strong girl!

I'm so glad she has such a wonderful school with such great therapists and teachers.

Danielle said...

Oh look now YOU are the trendy one with the video blogging ;)

Adorable. I have spasticity management clinic on Thursday--wish Ellie was on this coast! :)

Jacqui said...

The wiggles is always the best incentive! Way to go Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Yay Ellie! I love that video!

Kathryn said...

Lori- ditto! We are blessed that Ellie is at her new school. I just look at this and want to hug Mary Anne her PT, who worked hard to build a relationship with Ellie. Now Ellie works hard for her so it's a win win!

Danielle - I wish you were on this coast too. You know, Boston is like Mecca for Pediatric Medicine!

Jacqui - does Moo like the Wiggles? Ellie won't watch the videos but loves this little red guitar thanks to her cousin Emily's admiration of it..

Thanks Emma!

Chrystie said...

Ellie is a superstar! I bet it won't take her "long" (we all know that's a relative term in the land of CP :-)) to figure out the leg movements all by herself! I am secretly pining for her FABULOUS pigtails too! She is sooo stinkin' cute!

Because I notice these kinds of things, I was also going to comment that Ellie's hand control is AWESOME!

Complete inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Big Murray fan. You may ask why Murray? Indeed, why Murray? I can't understand it except perhaps that red is his favourite colour and he loves guitars. Personally, I like Anthony and Jeff better.


Anonymous said... can really see here how far Elle-Belle has come! My niece/godchild is a little superstar. Though think her parents have a lot to do with it aswell

Love yiz lots and will see yiz soon,
Aunty Sue Sue

Anonymous said...

Wow you go Ellie, you have tears in your Aunty Ries eyes xxxxx

Anonymous said...


We are so happy to see you up and moving. You look great and thanks to Mary Anne your legs will become stronger every day. Keep walking and you can show me in November.

Lots of love
Grandma Bernie and Grandad Paddy

Anonymous said...

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