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Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Years Reclining Booster - I think she likes it!

After Ellie's Physiatrist put the kabosh on using the bumbo seat we have been sticking mainly to the kid kart but that means Ellie can't be close to the floor and access her toys easily. But recently I purchased this little beauty at Target for $25. Worth every penny!

Thanks so much to Billie for this suggestion. Ellie loves her new seat and it allows her to go in things like kiddy pools and sit closer, on her own on the sand at the beach. Infinitely more important - it will allow her to sit at the table with everyone else - especially when we visit the relatives versus being in her kid kart away from the table. It's oh so portable too.


Maureen said...

I can tell from the pictures that she LOVES her new chair. Looks nice and comfy too!

Love, Maureen

Lisa said...

I bought one of these for William recently based on a post Billie wrote forever ago. She was right on the money for us, too.

Q? Why did Ellie's therapist say no more Bumbo? I haven't put William in one yet and am wondering if it will be bad for him. I'll ask his PT, too, but it would be nice to know Ellie's PT's reasoning. Thanks!

Jacqui said...

I think Ellie loves it. She looks so-o-o-o gorgeous. I haven't seen this in Oz but I will have to keep my eyes out.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Maureen!

Lisa- In Ellie's case the Bumbo put her hips in a bad position. They didn't at first but did once she got bigger. But we got a couple of good years of use out of it - the things are made to last forever!

Jacqui- Thanks! See if you can order one online - Target or Toys-R-Us. If you can't let me know and I can send you one - they have them everywhere here and they are very light weight. So let me know if you can't get one but think Moo could use one. I would be happy to help in this way. Anything for Moo as he is my favorite little guy down under!

Jacqui's Mum in Aus said...

Kathryn, thanks for the photos. I had noticed the blue seat that Billie uses, even in the wading pool I think, and have been meaning to mention it to Jacqui as we both have been looking for something like this for Moo who is growing out of the bumbo. I did some checking and found the reclining booster online at Target in the USA but we do not have them here in our Target Australian stores. I also found them on line at but after ordering one, I was advised that they were unable to ship it to us here in Australia. What a bummer! I will keep looking.

Kathryn said...

Hi Jacqui's Mum - The loss of the Bumbo is a tough one. I used the seat in the kiddie pool and it was great. It didn't tip and Ellie was low enough to get wet. The padding is removable. She really likes that little seat, Moo might too.


Billie said...

I am totally loving all the pictures! And it makes me feel so very good when I have a tidbit that helps out someone else. Especially if that someone is Ellie-luv!

Another tip...boy I'm full of them...often, especially on the floor at home, we put a block under Eden's booster so that her legs can be at a 90 degree angle to the floor. This helps a little bit for her to stabilize herself in the chair. It might work for Ellie too.

Dream Mom said...

Wow, the chair looks great! And she looks like she is really enjoying it.

I've always used a rocker for Dear Son-it allows him to move around the room, get closer to things and to balance. We found it by accident one day when he was fussing in a furniture store-we tried it and it worked. We've used one ever since. The key is a tall back that supports the back of the head.

I am glad you found something that works!

Kathryn said...

Billie - you have given my many extremely helpful tidbits on all levels! The block sounds like a good idea especially to use it floor sitter style. I will try it.

Dream Mom - what is a "rocker"?
and Thanks! It's always a creative challenge isn't it?!