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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ellie at Drumlin Farm

Ellie really enjoyed her short visit there this weekend.
Picture descriptions from top left to right:
She thought the little chicks were really cute.
The next two pics are her discussing them with Dada.
She laughed at the fancy chickens after a long stare at their bizarre head plumage. She enjoyed reading the signs and discussing what they said about the animals.


Anonymous said...

What an angel you have! Ellie is so adorable. She seems to take such an interest in everything around her.

I'm not sure if this is something that Ellie can use (yet!), but I'm sure that she would love it:

Danielle said...

I have nothing earth-shattering to say, except that Ellie looks WAY cute in her glasses. And it's a good thing your hubby is taken, because holding such a cute baby girl like that..the chicks would be ALL OVER him. Like a moth to the fire, baby :)

Kate said...

When I was little, they didn't have the chickens in cages. They let you go right in and pick them up. Then they discovered that when random strangers picked the chickens up all day long, they got stressed out and didn't lay so many eggs. So they stopped. Which I understand, but holding a chicken can be really fun. (Unless they poop on you.)

Lori said...

That girl is so darn adorable. I can never get enough of seeing her precious face. She looks so safe and snuggly in her dada's arms. What a lucky girl!

Kathryn said...

Anonymous - thanks for the link!

Danielle - ha ha! I am sure that comment will make Dave very happy! This is why I don't let him and Ellie go anywhere without me! (just kidding -though it's a good thought) don't forget he's got that "beautiful Irish Broag" as my mother likes to call it...iyiyi

Kate - that is so cool! Ellie did get to hold a warm freshly laid egg - which I was very proud of her for touching at all never-the-less holding it AND not squishing it! Go Ellie!

Thanks Lori! She must feel really safe in her Dada's arms as she insists on being in them in new and unfamiliar situations! ;-)