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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ellie is growing up

This is a picture of Ellie in a corner-sitter at school.
No straps.
No hands holding her round the middle.
Just her.
Only supported by the chair itself.
Looking very grown up.

In the past 5 months she has gained 6 pounds, 2.5 centimeters in head circumference, 2 inches in length, and vocalizations that are starting to consistently sound like words. She is recognizing that signs take place not only at the chin but on the head, face, chest and arms. She is doing her best to sign back - all the time. She started school as if she had never left it - never missing a beat. Thrilled to be there every minute. She is working with an eight year old student to help her learn to use a qwerty letter board which is pre-voice output training and she is pacing with this kid wonderfully.

Awhile back when Ellie was really sick and not making any of those pesky milestones I was completely freaked out thinking that she might be in the baby phase - forever. It was a really scary time. Then she started to smile and express herself ever so slightly. Then she gave me her first nuzzle which is an Ellie hug. Then she started to make sounds and let us know what she needed. Today she is so purposeful and funny and smart. She makes me laugh all the time.

Yesterday morning upon waking she wanted me to do the 5 Little Ducklings Song - which I did. As soon as it was done she turned her head and pointed - yes pointed with her index finger extended (ok - only a parent of a cp kid will get how wonderful that is - but trust me - use of the index finger is critical) toward the door and said Ou! Indicating to us -that is was time - TIME PEOPLE! to start the day. Now.

My little girl has moxy. My little tiny preemie baby is no longer. She's a little girl. Who sits and points and has a mind of her own. It's funny. I never thought I would, but a part of me misses little baby Ellie. I guess that is the thing about being a mother. You take joy in your child at every age at the very same time as you know that with all their glorious changes they are moving away forever into their own independent world.
Edit: I just found out from Ellie's teacher that there is actually one strap around Ellie's waste because the seat is so shallow. But that is still so great if you consider that normally she wears full on shoulder straps as well. Her trunk support has just gotten so much better.


Jacolyn said...

She does look so grown up...and perfect!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Jacolyn!

Danielle said...

Yup, she is a keeper. I have to admit I really like seeing 'baby Ellie' pictures ;) She is sorta of an 'old soul' if you know what I mean. Lots of words and wisdom behind those eyes.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Danielle -I think so too. She was always just so watchfull and cool.

Chantal said...

Ellie is so beautiful, inside and out. Her inner beauty just radiates from her eyes and her smile.

How grown up she looks in her glasses, sitting up in the chair at school.

Ellie has such a determination about her. Pointing and saying "ou!" - you go girl! Nothing is going to hold you back!

Angela said...

She really, truly looks so much older, bigger, and of course as beautiful as always in her corner chair!

WTG on index pointer pointing!! Jack still uses his whole hand or middle finger (tee hee)...

I love the baby Ellie picture and completely identify with your thoughts on missing them as babies even though we hold our breath for them to grow and change ;)

Anonymous said...


Special Survivors said...

She's beautiful...and definitely looks like a "big girl". Way to go!!

Take good care!

Jacqui said...

Oh Ellie - stop growing up so quickly. Glad to hear that she is making lotsa moves on the communication front. And sitting hands free - OMG! How clever is that! Ellie is a little girl to be proud of!

Maureen said...

She looks so grown up with her glasses and sitting alone in her chair! I missed the baby years once they were gone - it just means more new adventures for you and Ellie. How exciting! She is a very special little girl with very special parents.

Love, Maureen

Miracles said...

This is my favorite post yet! I love seeing Ellie so grown up in her chair and hearing how she's changing from one stage to another. Kathryn, you have one beautiful little girl!!

Billie said...

Oh Kathryn, I just love this post. Ellie does look so grown up. I can't believe she will be five in a couple of months. And sitting in the corner chair with no support! Wow! We have that chair, but Eden can't use it without the pummel between her legs. And six pounds in 5 months!!! Holy Moly! Ellie is my inspiration.

Dream Mom said...

Wow, lots of things to be happy about! Great progress! I must admit, I do miss the pig tails though-she looks so cute with them.

It can be pretty amazing sometimes when you see them at school doing some pretty big stuff-makes you really proud of them because you know how hard they work.

Lori said...

She really has grown up so much, even just since I have been following your blog. She is beautiful, and brave, and full of so much spirit! I love watching her grow and learn!

Katy said...

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BusyLizzyMom said...

Ellie looks so grown up with her new glasses on and her hair back. It was really nice to read your post you sound so happy and so proud of how well Ellie is doing. It's great that she is signing now, she must be so proud of herself now that she is beginning to tell you what she wants.

Nathali Pincus said...

This is the first time I see your blog. Ellie is absolutely adorable!! Keep up the good work! My brother has CP. He is now 25 and doing really well. He even lives on his own!! Hang in there!

Emma said...

Sorry for my silence, I thought I had already commented on this post but I can't see it so either I didn't or I'm missing the obvious.

I love the picture of Ellie in the chair and reading about her triumphs successes and progress. And the little baby picture is sooo cute too!