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Friday, October 05, 2007

Ellie getting closer to sitting on her own

This picture was taken today by Kristen, Ellie's teacher. In it you can see Ellie's PT Mary Ann stretching her ankles. Ellie is not using her hands to keep her up and is getting very little support from the pillows behind her.

I have to say I am blown away. I kind of forgot about sitting. Not that I would not dearly love it if she could do this on her own as I want her to do everything on her own. But...well that milestone is way, way in the past and when Ellie is home we do a great deal of tummy and floor time and now we are focused on her Pony gait trainer. And Ellie never, and I mean never, wants to sit across from me or beside me - nope - she has to be right on my lap and no where else will do. Or as Ellie's Irish Nanny would say, I'd be under her. Gotta love that! Anyway, sitting got lost by the way side - at least in the GIANT to do list in my tired brain but was clearly not lost on Ellie's amazing team of teachers and therapist and teaching aids at her school.

This picture just caught me totally off guard.
Do you think she will sit?
Should I dare to dream?

Go Ellie!

This is such a nice surprise!
Where have I been?

P.S. For those of you who have weathered the drought - I hope you enjoy the pigtails - they are alive and well and as you can see - flying!


Penny L. Richards said...

Go ahead, dare to hope! Big changes may be afoot, as one new skill brings a host of other benefits.

My son started sitting himself up at age 7--way past the milestone charts, sure, but it was big big big stuff for him. He was healthier after acquiring this skill--better digestion, respiration, even vision and communication took an uptick from being upright more, and whenever HE wanted to be. His hair even grew a little thicker (from not rubbing off on the carpets). And he enjoyed his toys from new angles, and eventually started watching a little TV with his sister (okay, Spongebob is not exactly a goal on the IEP, but age-appropriate nonetheless).

When he was Ellie's age, I admit, I don't think we really believed this was coming. I have a photo that his preschool sent home, of Jake sitting in grass holding a ball--it was a polaroid, he must have been 4 or a young 5, and I stared at it like I was looking for the trick--wires? mirrors? hidden hands?--it seemed impossible. And then within a year or two, it wasn't impossible at all. No magic, just time.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm so glad her school is working so well with her!

BTW - you may want to check out my latest blog post... something another mom 'of a girl with great pigtails' might enjoy! ;)

Billie said...

Wow! Thanks Kathryn, and Penny too, for giving me another sliver of hope. With so much else going on, I had almost given up/forgotten about the sitting up thing too. It seems like such a long way off. But it would be huge for Eden if she could sit up. Patience. I am learning it every day, and will be a better person for it:)

Love the pigtails! Way to go Ellie!

Jacqui said...

Go Ellie!

And the pigtails are gorgeous.

Kathryn said...

Penny- thanks for that comment! It just goes to show you that amazing things can happen for our kids at any age. Just because they miss a milestone doesn't mean they won't attain it eventually!

It's nice to hear too that someone else forgot about this goal! I am glad I am not alone.

Billie - you are right patience is everything! Ellie still has a ways to go - but after seeing this picture we will be certainly giving her more opportunities to work on sitting!

Jennifer - I went to your link on the cuteness thing but it didn't work. ;(

Jacqui - thanks~!

Jacolyn said...

All that the pigtails!! Go Ellie!!!

BusyLizzyMom said...

Yeah. It is so great that she is almost sitting. One of Elizabeth's therapists always reminds me of a client who everyone had said that she would never walk independently and with tons of hard work and a very devoted mom she walked at 8 years. I think after so many times of being saddened that another milestone was missed in a unconscious protective way we stop calculating what is next in fear of being saddened again. I don't know when I put away all those developmental books but I do know it helped take away some stress. As I have learned from Elizabeth she will do what she can when she can and that is how she continues to amaze me.
You gotta keep the pig tails theay are great.
Would a vest similar to the Benix help Ellie with sitting?

Jodi said...

It looks to me like she is going to sit! She will amaze you, regardless.

catherine (fairchild) calhoun said...

Awesome (and precious)!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Jacolyn!

Buzzy Lizzy's Mom- I love stories of older kids with CP eventually walking or sitting etc. Yes - we are actually looking at a Spio. Not sure how to spell that. It's like the Benick but for a different purpose - at least according to Dr. Webster. I need to post about it. But it's a soft brace for her trunk.

Jodi - you are so right!

Catherine - thanks! She is a cutie pie for sure.

Lisa said...

I'm all teary eyed! Go Ellie!

msiagirl said...

She looks so Strong!!! Yay Ellie! Gotta love those pigtails! xx