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Friday, November 30, 2007

I wish this old train would breakdown so I can take a nap!

This is one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson. It's a good one to listen too when you haven't had a night of unbroken sleep for what seems like weeks. Sometimes I wish that life would just let me get off its mad rush and take a break. This is one of those times. These casts are killing us!

Ellie hasn't been sleeping well with them at all. She sleeps for about a 2 hour stretch at a time then is up and upset and unhappy and wanting to be held. And that is pretty much how our nights have been since October 30. As a result I am a lazy blogger. I have so much to tell you to - especially on the nutrition front.

Monday we get the first set of casts off only to have her molded for new AFO's and recasted until the new ones come in. It's the final stretch on our way to walk ready feet.


Penny L. Richards said...

Yeah, that's pretty much how it went for us too, with post-surgical casts--2 hours of sleep at a time, and wakeups were hard, and by week 4 we were all definitely exhausted and miserable. But, like you say, homestretch now--after Monday, the end is definitely in sight, eh?

Jake's had some hypersensitivity since the surgery, but recently he's been less flinchy about us touching the skin (finally--the casts came off September 27)--might be something to watch for, might ask about a prescription for scar desensitization PT, just in case. (Different from usual PT.)

Kathryn said...

Penny- thanks so much for telling me about that! I will be sure to check with Ellie's doctor. God - just when you think the problems are over then the scar is sensitive. The fun just does not end!

I am sorry to hear that Jake had as hard a time as Ellie is having with it. I hope you have been able to catch up on some sleep since the 27th of September.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn, just a quick note to say we've been thinking about Ellie-Bellie and wondering how you were. I was watching for an update since Ellie's bday and figured with the casts there must have been even less time for the blog (which I love, it's my secret treat at work, specially when there are pics of ellie)

BIG kisses from the garcias, laura and cormac and declan says hi too (well he says mmmgbbmmm to be precise).


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. Glad though that it is for a good purpose and that the end is in sight! Keep us posted.

msiagirl said...

Holding your hands in spirit and glad something seems to be working out and it is almost done for this bit. By the way in the spirit of lightheartedness I've tagged you to tell us your favourite food - but take your time to do it (I took months!) xxp

Karen said...

hey sorry ive been quite the lurker lately. im sorry to hear about your sleep woes...glad there is an end in sight. im excited to hear about the nutritional stuff you mentioned, once you manage to sleep more than a few hours at a time. thinking of you!

Shannon said...

Thinking of you and your sweetie! Keep your eye on the prize and hopefully you will get a goodnights someday :)

Lonnie said...

i feel for you. it's frustrating. wanting your sleep, but even more so, wanting your child to sleep well. daniel goes through very similar spells. i am sending sleepy vibes your way!! good luck.