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Friday, November 02, 2007

Home at last

We got home today just before 7pm. Ellie, other than being tired, hungry and having to put up with casts on both legs (up to her knees) is back to her old adorable, happy, smiley, active, smartie-pie self.

Thank you God!

And thanks to everyone for all their kind thoughts. I really think it makes all the difference.

Will write what I learned about Codeine tomorrow because I am tired and hungry too.


Katy said...

Ach! Medicine is SO tricky. My little one is very restricted due to his heart condition. Luckily, he responds very well to Tylenol (except he thinks it tastes icky).

Maureen said...

I am so glad to hear that she is home and doing better! My prayers are still with her for a smooth recovery.


Anonymous said...

Am delighted the lil miss is home safe and sounds. Bis hugs and kisses flyin thru the web for supergirl and her wonderful parents! will give them in person on wednesday xxx mwah

Auntie Sue Sue

Melanie said...

Glad to hear everything went ok.
She's in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you're back and that things are looking better.

msiagirl said...

Hey Darling, HAAPPPYYY BIIIRTHDDDAAAY to Lovely Ellie, Ellie My Love. What an amazing journey you've had so far. Lovelovelove from all of us here. xoxox